How to Properly Care for Your Eyeglasses

March 04, 2021

Wearing eyeglasses is a part of life for many people. Vision problems are common in our world, and one of the most effective and easiest ways to experience better vision is to wear prescription lenses. These lenses are made to fit each person’s unique vision needs, and they are typically worn every day. Because of their frequent use, it’s important to know how best to clean and take care of your eyeglasses so they will last you a long time.

Best Ways to Care for Your Glasses

Glasses lenses are made out of various different materials, from plastic to polycarbonate to glass. Also, multiple layers of enhancing treatments can be applied to them to make them more viable options for day-to-day use. These treatments can include anti-reflective coatings to cut down on glare from light sources, scratch-resistant coatings to protect against wear and tear and blue light-blocking coatings to promote eye health while looking at digital screens. Because glasses are specially made in this way, they are also rather delicate, and cleaning and maintaining them takes care and practice.

Proper Glasses Cleaning Technique

Follow these simple steps to easily clean your glasses every day:

  • Rinse your glasses in warm or lukewarm water
  • Wash the lenses with a gentle, lotion-free soap or mild detergent and more warm water
  • Use a clean towel, cloth or handkerchief to pat/dab dry the lenses (do not fully wipe them off with this material)
  • Finish cleaning, wiping and polishing the lenses with a microfiber cloth

If soap is unavailable, use specialized glasses cleaning fluid or a pre-moistened disposable cleansing wipe to rinse the dust, oils and grime from your lenses. These cleaning supplies can usually be found at your local drugstore or market. Do not use household surface or glass cleaners to clean your lenses, as the chemicals in these formulas can damage the helpful and protective coatings that have been applied to them.

Proper Glasses Storage

Protecting your glasses when you’re not wearing them is just as important as keeping them clean. Use a protective hard-shell case when transporting or storing them to keep anything from damaging them. You can usually obtain one of these wherever you get your glasses, and you can get spare cases at local stores and online. Also, when setting your folded-up glasses down on any surface or inside their case, lay them down with the lenses pointed up to avoid potential lens damage or the need to clean them again later.

Wearing Your Glasses Properly

When putting on or taking off your glasses, it’s important to use both hands, as using just one can cause the frames to bend and affect how well they fit on your head. If the frames get too bent, your glasses will have a higher risk of falling off, being knocked off, or being damaged. Even moving your glasses to sit on top of your head can cause the frames to misalign, not to mention that the insides of the lenses may pick up harmful or smudgy oils from your hair.

Eyeglass Care Practices to Avoid

Just like there are specific ways to properly clean your glasses, there are also many common practices to avoid:

  • Avoid using saliva or breath vapor to clean your glasses. Saliva can leave residual bacteria and harmful digestive chemicals on the lenses that may cause them to wear out faster, and breath vapor is not moist enough to adequately clean off grime.
  • Avoid using a paper towel, tissue, piece of toilet paper or your shirt to clean your glasses, as these materials are abrasive and can cause the dust and grime on your lenses to actually do more damage over time. These materials may also smudge your glasses even more.
  • Avoid attempting to buff out a scratch on your lenses. Unfortunately, a scratch is usually there to stay unless you have your lenses professionally cleaned and repaired. Trying to buff out a scratch will likely only make the issue worse.
  • Avoid leaving your glasses unprotected in a hot car, especially on the dashboard, as the heat can damage your lenses. Your car’s windshield can also act as a magnifying glass to cause further light and heat damage.

We’re Here to Help!

Glasses are an important part of many people’s everyday lives, helping them work and learn effectively. They are an accessory that is often only thought about if they are becoming damaged or if they’re being cleaned. But caring for them with these simple tips can help them last a long time and give you peace of mind about being able to see well. At Piedmont Eye Center, our professionals can examine you and write a prescription that you can take to any optical shop of your choosing to find that perfect pair. Contact us today!

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