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What Our Patients Think

Why a multi-specialty practice is important.
  I had scheduled an exam with Dr. S. Moss for a comprehensive eye exam.  At this time, I found out I had cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.  I have recently had cataract surgery and I am so pleased with

Harry Lecik

Cataract Patient Experience: "...now I have almost perfect vision."
  I saw Dr. Laroche in Farmville and he referred me to Dr. Gene Moss for cataract surgery.  I could not see anything prior to my surgery and now I have almost perfect vision. This was a great experience.  Everyone

Harold Wagstaff Jr.

Cataract Patient Story- "Dr. Bowers restored my vision through cataract surgery and for that I am indebted to him."
I have been a patient of Piedmont Eye Center for many years. Everyone I encounter takes their time working with me, they explain everything they are doing, they are pleasant, well trained, and work efficiently from the front desk all

Craig Shaffer

For the past twenty years I have worn contacts and glasses. I am no longer consumed with the conditions outside, my activities for the day, and the need to be prepared for contacts or glasses. The difference between good and

Troy Doss

Assistant Principal at Jefferson Forest

Tim started riding his dirt bike when he was just eight years old. Three years later, he was racing competitively on fast and unforgiving courses with the best in the sport. It didn’t take long for Tim, who was tired


National Enduro Champion

I never imagined I would volunteer to have eye surgery, even if it meant perfect vision. However, I began meeting people who had the LASIK procedure and saw what a positive experience it was for them. At the same time,



Sallie switched LASIK doctors for a better experience.
My decision to get LASIK surgery was an easy one to make. I have been wearing some form of corrective lenses since I was seven years old. During high school, I began to wear contact lenses, but after fifteen plus

Sallie Bloom

Special Education Teacher

Penny’s LASIK surgery recommendation explains “… an easy process”.
Before my (LASIK) surgery, I was unable to go without glasses or contacts because I saw nothing but a blur. I had a lot of eye irritation due to wearing contacts too long before taking them out. At dark, it

Penny Abbott

Financial Consultant

Adelia received premium eye care.
I first met Dr. Vogel in 1996. My vision was so bad that I could no longer drive. I started my visits about once a week, always on Fridays because I lived and worked in Washington, D.C. Dr. Vogel worked



Monica Shelton says, “…the whole LASIK team was awesome!”
I have worn glasses and contacts for the past 16 years and never imagined that I could see without them. As a nurse, I use my vision for the safety and well being of my patients. I am also the

Monica Shelton

Featured Patient

Martha Ann thanks Dr. Bowers and the Surgery Center.
When Dr. Bowers first told me that new glasses would not benefit me, and that my problem was cataracts, I was in disbelief. After all, OLD people have cataracts, I am 75 and still alive! Anyone like me who has

Martha Ann


Lucy enjoys her eye surgery results.
I started wearing glasses when I was eight years old. When you are a kid, it’s really fun to wear glasses; it’s a new toy. However, once I began middle school, I was embarrassed to wear them, so I never


Judy encourages others to visit Piedmont Eye Center.
My experience of having Laser Vision Correction was fantastic. Dr. Bowers and all his staff are so knowledgeable and professional, yet very personal, warm, caring, and friendly. From my first visit I felt like I was at home with family,

Judy Bowman


Josh thanks Piedmont Eye Center.
Up until about a month ago, I had been wearing contact lenses for about 5 years. I hated the hassle and expense that contacts required, so I checked out the iLASIK procedure offered by Dr. Bowers at Piedmont Eye Center.

Josh Brewer

Humanitarian Aid

Jon celebrates his clear vision.
Since I was six-years-old I’ve progressively lost my vision, from blurry to nearly blind by sixteen. Glasses, contacts and back to glasses. For sure, there are worse challenges than wearing those clunky frames all the time, but either way I

Jon Dupin


Jerome appreciates personalized eye care.
I started seeing Dr. Vogel in March of 2008 and have had laser treatments and injections in both eyes. The eye sight in my left eye started to deteriorate and Dr. Vogel recommended that he administer an injection of Avastin.



Barbara talks about her cataract treatment.
The cataracts were affecting my vision for every day tasks like reading the newspaper and driving. My experience before and during surgery was simply remarkable. The “premium” implant option was thoroughly explained. Since I wanted to get out of glasses,



Janice Bloom felt that her LASIK Surgeon, Dr. Bowers, had her best interest at heart.
LASIK surgery had been a dream of mine for many years. I had already started saving for my surgery when I noticed the LASIK giveaway on Piedmont Eye Center’s website. Of course I signed up, never thinking I would win.

Janice Bloom

Admissions Database & Communications Director

Guy recommends cataract removal at Piedmont Eye center.
I’m 71 years old and I have worn RX glasses since the age of 10. I’ve always been diagnosed with astigmatism and lately, cataracts. I went for a routine eye exam at Piedmont Eye Center and saw Dr. Moss. He



In her cataract surgery story, Frances felt safe and secure.
My cataract surgery story has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life….resulting in perfect eyesight with no pain or complications. It brought my glaucoma pressure down also stabilizing (my) eye health. The thing that amazed me the



LASIK surgery made Cynthia feel like a new person.
As an eyeglass wearer and occasional contact lens wearer for the last 30 years, I became interested in finding out more about the LASIK surgery procedure. Throughout my initial consult, LASIK procedure, and follow-up visits, I found both Dr. Bowers


Charles calls his cataract surgery “…a miracle.”
On the day of the appointment I was welcomed and immediately began a series of interviews and tests by a group of very competent technicians. I was then introduced to Dr. Moss, who specializes in cataract surgery and general ophthalmology.


Retired Commander, United States Navy

Caroline appreciates the “perfect team that gave me perfect vision.”
I’ve ridden horses and worn glasses since I was 6 years old. And the two definitely didn’t go well together. Lost or broken glasses, as well as the constant need for lens cleaning, made wearing glasses a huge hassle, in

Caroline Trexler

Bryan Mitchell regained his youthful vision.
I started wearing glasses when I was 25, I should have been wearing them well before then but, did not want to wear them at all. So I kept putting it off, unfortunately I couldn’t put it off any longer.

Bryan Mitchell


Bobby Moore explains how LASIK improved his vision.
After 25 years of dealing with breaking my expensive glasses or losing a contact while swimming and being half blind for the rest of the day, I decided it was time to make a change. I was ready for LASIK.

Bobby Moore

Brenda Edson gave herself “…the best present ever.”
The initial exams were thorough and everything about the procedure was explained in detail. Dr. Bowers was helpful. I felt confident that by choosing Piedmont, I would have a team of qualified, caring people working with me. The process to

Brenda Edson

Ben Crosswhite explains the difference LASIK made in his life.
“I couldn’t recommend a better doctor, a better facility, and I’m so glad I did it.”

Ben Crosswhite

Owner, Crosswhite Fitness

Staci Hamlett is thankful for the gift of LASIK!
I was very fortunate to be one of the 6 winners of the 2020 Lasik Eye Competition gifted by Piedmont Eye Center. This surgery has been such a blessing to my life! I no longer need any prescription eye glasses

Staci Hamlett

Riley Hart thanks Dr. Gene Moss and his staff!
It would be so much easier to begin this review of my experience with Dr. Gene Moss at Piedmont Eye Surgery with today instead of returning to August 30, 2019 on the date our relationship first began. If I could

Riley Hart