Trust Piedmont Eye Center With Your Testing Needs

For over 5 years Piedmont Eye Center has committed to excellence in eye care research studies.  We are dedicated to providing reliable and accurate research data and recruitment success. Recruitment efforts include database, physician referrals, and a comprehensive marketing department utilizing print, radio, television and social media.  Our area allows access to a wide range of ages, races, and eye health conditions with the extended population of 250,000 and growing.

We have custom designed our +22,000 sq.ft facility to meet the needs of our patients as well as our research sponsors. Our current space includes a new 3,000 sq. ft. addition which has been designed specifically with research in mind.  With 40 exam lanes and 10 testing rooms, we have the capacity to meet sponsors testing needs. Piedmont Eye Center is proud to employ over 100 members of staff and is committed to provide the highest quality of care.

Our research department is currently led by 2 Certified Clinical Research Coordinators with our team of clinical support staff.


Our Research Staff


Executive Director Of Clinical Research


Certified Research Coordinator


Certified Research Coordinator

Our Investigators

Headshot of Dr. Darin K. Bowers of Piedmont Eye Center

Darin Bowers, MD


Elizenda Ceballos, MD


Gail Ganser, MD


headshot of Dr. Golnaz Javey of Piedmont Eye Center

Golnaz Javey, MD


headshot of Dr. Gene T. Moss Jr.

Gene Moss, Jr, MD


Headshot of Dr. Saxton T. Moss of Piedmont Eye Center

Saxton Moss, MD


Dr. James Paauw of Piedmont Eye Center

James Paauw, MD


Headshot of Dr. Robert B. Vogel of Piedmont Eye Center

Robert Vogel, MD