Prevention is key for vision health.

At Piedmont Eye Center, we believe eye exams should be part of your regular healthcare routine – regardless of your age. Good vision is important for a healthy life and  is maintained by frequent evaluations. 

The Vision Health Initiative (VHI) from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends regular eye appointments to promote eye health. They also report that vision loss is among the Top Ten Disabilities and emphasize that many of these cases could have been prevented. Early detection can allow for early treatment, which is key for preventing vision loss.

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Man having an eye exam done with Dr. Bowers at Piedmont Eye Center


When should adults have their eyes examined?

The following table gives the frequency for people with normal eyesight (those that don’t need correction).



65 or older

Every 1-2 years


Every 2-4 years


Every 3-5 years


If you have vision problems, your ophthalmologist will tell you how often to schedule your eye exams. In any case, if you are experiencing new or increased vision problems, schedule an appointment right away.

When should people with diabetes have their eyes examined?

Age of onset of Diabetes

First Exam



5 years after onset


30 or older

at time of diagnosis


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