Riley Hart /

Riley Hart thanks Dr. Gene Moss and his staff!

It would be so much easier to begin this review of my experience with Dr. Gene Moss at Piedmont Eye Surgery with today instead of returning to August 30, 2019 on the date our relationship first began.  If I could start today, I would use phrases like “…a true miracle worker!”, “…such a talented, gifted doctor!”, “…Dr. Moss and his staff were exemplary throughout this entire process!”.

 However, I must go back to that first appointment on August 30, 2019 with Dr. Moss because it truly has changed my life.  I was referred to Dr. Moss by my local optometrist because he could not see into my eyes.  And my local optometrist referenced cataracts so I thought that it was that time in my life (72 years old) when I had to address that problem!

After the initial thorough staff testing of my eyes Dr. Moss sashayed into the examination room to update me on what the testing actually showed.  The first words out of his mouth were “You really can’t see, can you?!”  And those words began Dr. Moss’s and my relationship.  He next mentioned cataracts and I really thought he was going to stop there and I was prepared for him to stop there, but oh no, no way because he still had a lot more to say about my examination.

I stopped listening because I could not take it all in.  Thank goodness my wife was with me during the process and I knew she would question and fill me in later and even have Dr. Moss write down the diagnosis.  This is what he wrote:

Cataracts,  Fuch’s (FOOKS) Corneal DystrophyEpithelial Basement Membrane Dystrophy, Map-Dot-Fingerprint Dystrophy

There is absolutely no way I can ever go into the technical, surgical part of what I have gone through with Dr. Moss.  I placed my care into his brilliantly, gifted hands not having any idea at the time what I would have to go through.  But Dr. Moss before each surgery on both my right and left eyes explained what he would be doing, how it would go and what I could expect after it was over.  It has all transpired as he explained it would.

I had Cataract surgery on my right eye on October 22, 2019 and DMEK surgery (Descemet’s Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty) on November 12, 2019.  And then on

June 9, 2020, I had Cataract surgery on my left eye and on July 14, 2020 had DMEK surgery on my left eye.  All total I have had approximately 25 appointments with Dr. Moss.

Dr. Moss’s initial words on August 30, 2019 were “…you really can’t see, can you?!” have stayed in the forefront of my memory throughout this entire process.  I set my own goal posts of improvement in my vision based on what I could not see before my surgeries and what I can see now.  So no, I really couldn’t see and Dr. Moss was 100% correct when he began our relationship with those words!

I will not bore you with those personal goalposts, but the change has been dramatic and life changing.  I recommend highly Dr. Gene Moss and Piedmont Eye Center for your eye needs.  They are truly in the upper echelon of their profession.

Staci Hamlett /

Staci Hamlett is thankful for the gift of LASIK!

I was very fortunate to be one of the 6 winners of the 2020 Lasik Eye Competition gifted by Piedmont Eye Center. This surgery has been such a blessing to my life! I no longer need any prescription eye glasses even after having such poor vision and nearsightedness. My crucial migraines due to constant squinting are gone, my night vision has improved tremendously, and the best part is being able to do daily activities without the hassle of my glasses fogging up or falling off! The Piedmont Eye Center staff is very professional and adheres to your eye health and eye needs. They are super friendly, and they make sure you’re comfortable and explain the entire process thoroughly. Doctor Bowers and Piedmont staff, I cannot express my gratitude enough for this opportunity. Lasik was one of the best decisions of my life! 


Ben Crosswhite explains the difference LASIK made in his life. 

“I couldn’t recommend a better doctor, a better facility, and I’m so glad I did it.”

Brenda Edson in front of a brick home
Brenda Edson /
Brenda Edson gave herself “…the best present ever.”

The initial exams were thorough and everything about the procedure was explained in detail. Dr. Bowers was helpful. I felt confident that by choosing Piedmont, I would have a team of qualified, caring people working with me. The process to prepare for iLASIK™ was not difficult. During the procedure, the doctor and nurses were confident and made me feel at ease. They walked me through the procedure, guiding me through what would happen next. The actual procedure took just seconds. There was no pain and no uncomfortable feelings at all.

After the procedure, as I walked to the recovery room where I would wait until it was time to go home, my jaw dropped. For the first time since I was a kid, I could actually see clearly. I was provided with easy-to-understand instructions for what to do over the next 24 hours, and my husband drove me home. Dr. Bowers called that night to check on me and to see if I had any concerns. The next day, I was back to normal.

I still find it miraculous that I was able to go from not being able to see clearly several feet in front of me to having better than perfect vision. In fact, everyday as I drive to and from work, I’m reminded how greatly iLASIK™ has changed my life. I can see everything so clearly, and it just makes me so happy to have that ability now. I am so glad I made the decision to have iLASIK™ and to have it at Piedmont Eye Center. I truly feel like I gave myself the best present ever.

Bobby Moore /
Bobby Moore explains how LASIK improved his vision.

After 25 years of dealing with breaking my expensive glasses or losing a contact while swimming and being half blind for the rest of the day, I decided it was time to make a change. I was ready for LASIK.
Even living an hour and a half away there was no doubt that I wanted Dr. Bowers and his team to perform my surgery.

At my consultation, Debbie was there to answer and explain any and all aspects of the surgery. I was extremely excited when Dr. Bowers came in and told me that I was the perfect candidate for LASIK. My surgery was scheduled the following week and the anticipation was on in full effect.

Shannon was great, explaining all of my post op care and making me feel really comfortable. A few numbing drops and a quick talk with Dr. Bowers about the procedure and I was off to the operating room.
The procedure is very fast and completely painless. IIt was totally amazing. Thirty minutes later and some really cool goggles and I was on my way home.

After a few hours of sleep my phone rang and to my surprise it was Dr. Bowers giving me a call to check to make sure everything was going ok. This just really shows that he actually cares about his patients and their well-being.

I drove myself to my next day check up to discover that I went from not being able to see the big “E” on the top of the eye chart to 20-15. Anyone who wears any type of corrective lens should go see Dr. Bowers. Dr. Bowers and his team are top notch. I wish I would have done it many years ago now. On an end note I just want to send special thanks out to Dr. Bowers, Debbie, Shannon, and the rest of his amazing team who made my dreams of being able to see come true.

Bryan Mitchell outside of a football stadium
Bryan Mitchell / ANALYST

Bryan Mitchell regained his youthful vision.

I started wearing glasses when I was 25, I should have been wearing them well before then but, did not want to wear them at all. So I kept putting it off, unfortunately I couldn’t put it off any longer.

I wore glasses for 23 years, and thought I would not be able to get away from them until I won my LASIK Surgery through Piedmont Eye Center.I didn’t know how easy the process was going to be, but the people at Piedmont made it all very simple.You have to go in once to have a thorough eye exam and have your eyes mapped for the laser, then you go back in a few weeks for the procedure.

It didn’t take any time at all. I have spent more time in the Dentist chair to get my teeth cleaned than I did to have LASIK Surgery done. The staff and Dr. Bowers kept me informed of everything they were doing, before, during and after the procedure. When the procedure was over they told me to go home and sleep for a couple of hours to allow for some healing, which I did and when I got up my vision was completely clear and even better the next day. It takes a couple of weeks to heal completely, but even while healing, my vision was the best it had been since I was a teen. I had my LASIK surgery performed almost 2 years ago, and it is as good today as it was then. I can’t say enough about Piedmont Eye Center and the people there, they truly do care for you and your eyes.

Caroline Trexler /
Caroline appreciates the “perfect team that gave me perfect vision.”

I’ve ridden horses and worn glasses since I was 6 years old. And the two definitely didn’t go well together. Lost or broken glasses, as well as the constant need for lens cleaning, made wearing glasses a huge hassle, in addition to, the constant need for adjusting while riding. I had wanted LASIK for years and after receiving it, the difference has been nothing short of extraordinary. No longer to do I have to constantly keep tabs on dusty glasses, but instead I have hassle free, perfectly clear 20/15 vision.

Additionally, Dr. Bowers and his team were excellent through the entire process and left no question unanswered. They ensured that the entire process from preliminary appointments to follow up visits went seamlessly – the perfect team that gave me perfect vision.


Charles calls his cataract surgery “…a miracle.”

On the day of the appointment I was welcomed and immediately began a series of interviews and tests by a group of very competent technicians. I was then introduced to Dr. Moss, who specializes in cataract surgery and general ophthalmology. Dr. Moss was very friendly, but got down to business immediately. He described in detail what a cataract operation was designed to do and what it may not do.

Soon after I opened my eyes, I realized what a miracle Dr. Moss had performed. The vision in my left eye was now as good or better than my right eye. Later tests showed that I now had 20/15 vision. Not only that, I could read without glasses and could pass any driving test devised.  I have had no pain or discomfort of the slightest in that eye. The eye drops I’ve been instructed to use during the post-operative period have been very comfortable. During the post-operative interviews I had with Dr. Moss, I realized just how precise he had to have lined up the lens implant to bring about the condition I now enjoyed. In my opinion, it was a PERFECT operation.

The care and instructions given me at the eye center were clear and meaningful. Questions were answered completely and competently. All and all, this has been a very pleasant and beneficial period for me. I recommend it highly for anyone in a similar situation.

Cynthia Stewart standing outside
Cynthia /

LASIK surgery made Cynthia feel like a new person.

As an eyeglass wearer and occasional contact lens wearer for the last 30 years, I became interested in finding out more about the LASIK surgery procedure. Throughout my initial consult, LASIK procedure, and follow-up visits, I found both Dr. Bowers and his staff at Piedmont Eye Center to be very professional and informative. They explained the procedure to me in a step-by-step manner that I could understand before and during the procedure. I also really appreciated the phone call that I got from Dr. Bowers the evening after my procedure. Now, I feel almost like a new person. It’s a wonderful feeling to wake up in the morning and be able to actually see across the room without fumbling for my glasses.

Frances / RETIRED

In her cataract surgery story, Frances felt safe and secure.

My cataract surgery story has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life….resulting in perfect eyesight with no pain or complications. It brought my glaucoma pressure down also stabilizing (my) eye health. The thing that amazed me the most was the kaleidoscope of colors that surrounded me. I am still in awe of how clear and distinct everything appears. I never fully realized how hindered my eyesight was and how it kept me from accomplishing many things I needed to do. It has given me a very positive attitude and a desire to do much more with my life.
Dr Ceballos and her staff give wonderful expert medical care before and after surgery, always giving that personal touch that makes one feel safe, secure, and in good hands. I recommend Dr. Ceballos to anyone needing any type of visual care. She has always been very positive, clarifying everything medically, never leaving me in doubt and has always made me feel special and important.


Guy recommends cataract removal at Piedmont Eye center.

I’m 71 years old and I have worn RX glasses since the age of 10. I’ve always been diagnosed with astigmatism and lately, cataracts. I went for a routine eye exam at Piedmont Eye Center and saw Dr. Moss. He told me my cataracts should be removed, my vision at the time was cloudy, and he said they had a new toric lens available which could greatly reduce my astigmatism and clear my vision even more. I was skeptical, but decided to try it. The procedure was painless, and now I’m happy to say I only wear glasses to read. I have 20/20 vision in my left eye and 20/25 in my right.

If you have been diagnosed with astigmatism and your vision is causing you problems, call Piedmont Eye Center, get your eyes checked. It may be the best decision you have ever made.

Janice Bloom standing in front of a tree

Janice Bloom felt that her LASIK Surgeon, Dr. Bowers, had her best interest at heart.

LASIK surgery had been a dream of mine for many years. I had already started saving for my surgery when I noticed the LASIK giveaway on Piedmont Eye Center’s website. Of course I signed up, never thinking I would win. Seven months later I received a phone call from their office notifying me that I was the winner. I was so excited, but the depth of this gift I had not yet realized.

I was worried that I would be shuffled in and shuffled out since I was not a paying customer. On the contrary, I never felt like JUST a contest winner. Dr. Bowers and his staff treated me with the utmost in professional care, making sure I was comfortable throughout the entire process. I not only was given free LASIK, but also months of follow-up care from a surgeon who I can tell, has his patient’s best interest at heart.

Since my surgery, I cannot tell you how much it means to wake up and not reach for my glasses or stumble to put in my contacts first thing in the morning. I can see. For the first time since I can remember, I can really see.

Barbara / RETIRED

Barbara talks about her cataract treatment.

The cataracts were affecting my vision for every day tasks like reading the newspaper and driving. My experience before and during surgery was simply remarkable. The “premium” implant option was thoroughly explained. Since I wanted to get out of glasses, I decided to get the newer implants. My cataract treatment surgery on each eye lasted 17 minutes and the eye drops numbed the eye each time. The procedure was pain free and I am so pleased with the results. It was money well spent and it is unbelievable how clear and colorful everything is. I want to tell Dr. Bowers and his staff how grateful I am.

Jerome / RETIRED

Jerome appreciates personalized eye care.

I started seeing Dr. Vogel in March of 2008 and have had laser treatments and injections in both eyes. The eye sight in my left eye started to deteriorate and Dr. Vogel recommended that he administer an injection of Avastin. The sight in that eye seems to be slowly improving. In January of 2009 I had my right eye treated with laser and injections of Avastin which as far as I can tell have been very successful. Doctor Vogel has treated me professionally as has his staff. They have been caring and have answered my questions to my satisfaction.

Jon Dupin standing outside of a brick home
Jon Dupin / PASTOR

Jon celebrates his clear vision.

Since I was six-years-old I’ve progressively lost my vision, from blurry to nearly blind by sixteen. Glasses, contacts and back to glasses. For sure, there are worse challenges than wearing those clunky frames all the time, but either way I prayed for a miracle to restore my 20/20 vision, so I wouldn’t have to go through life with glasses. By my twenties, I stopped praying. What I didn’t realize was that miracle would come true, but not just for me, for the entire world.

Yes, LASIK is not just a medical advancement to me; it’s a miracle. Now, I wake up every day like I’m a kid again, with a child-like wonder at what I can see.


Josh thanks Piedmont Eye Center.

Up until about a month ago, I had been wearing contact lenses for about 5 years. I hated the hassle and expense that contacts required, so I checked out the iLASIK procedure offered by Dr. Bowers at Piedmont Eye Center.

Following my procedure, I was extremely satisfied with the results of the surgery I received from Dr. Bowers and Piedmont Eye Center. Not only did I receive the best care, but I walked away feeling valued and appreciated.

If I had to do it again, or recommend the procedure to anyone, I would, without a doubt, eagerly direct that person to Dr. Bowers and the lovely people at Piedmont Eye Center. Because of Dr. Bowers and his team at Piedmont Eye Center, my everyday life is now a whole lot easier.  I promise that you will not be disappointed.

Thanks Piedmont Eye Center!

Judy Bowman / MISSIONARY

Judy encourages others to visit Piedmont Eye Center.

My experience of having Laser Vision Correction was fantastic. Dr. Bowers and all his staff are so knowledgeable and professional, yet very personal, warm, caring, and friendly. From my first visit I felt like I was at home with family, especially on the day of my procedure. There was no pain during the surgery, just a little discomfort, but only for a few moments and the recovery time was unbelievable.

When I woke up the next morning it was such a blessing not to have to look for my glasses or put in my contacts. I usually read my Bible and do my devotions first thing each morning, and without even thinking about it, I reached for my Bible and began reading. It was truly amazing that my eyesight was so much better immediately after the procedure and it continued to improve within the next few weeks. Although I had worn glasses or contacts for over 20 years, I now forget I ever did and I feel so free and wonderful!

Overall, the surgery and benefits of having Laser Vision Correction are wonderful. I wonder why I didn’t do it years ago. I encourage you to enjoy the freedom you can have by not wearing glasses or contacts and to experience the professional care and treatment you will receive from Dr. Bowers and the staff at Piedmont Eye Center in Lynchburg.

Lucy standing in a classroom
Lucy /

Lucy enjoys her eye surgery results.

I started wearing glasses when I was eight years old. When you are a kid, it’s really fun to wear glasses; it’s a new toy. However, once I began middle school, I was embarrassed to wear them, so I never did. My eyesight got worse over the years and I eventually needed to use them all day long. I set a goal for myself that when I graduated and found a professional job I would reward myself with eye surgery.

I set up an initial appointment with Dr. Bowers at Piedmont Eye Center and after I was approved for the surgery, I scheduled my appointment and was very excited. The day of surgery, I was very anxious and nervous. Dr. Bowers and his team were very comforting. The next morning, I opened my eyes and was able to see the alarm clock across the room, which I was never able to see before. It was a miracle! I cried and thanked God. I was very grateful and am blessed to have great eyesight.


Martha Anne thanks Dr. Bowers and the Surgery Center.

When Dr. Bowers first told me that new glasses would not benefit me, and that my problem was cataracts, I was in disbelief. After all, OLD people have cataracts, I am 75 and still alive! Anyone like me who has worn RX lenses for 63 years sees the ReSTOR® lens as a miracle. I can see things I have never seen before, such as, the trees have individual leaves and the hummingbirds perch in the dogwood trees.

After the first implant, it was unbelievable how clear and colorful the T.V. was. With the ReSTOR® lens eye, everything was pink and blue and lavender, while the same T.V. with the uncorrected eye was a dull gray and yellow. I couldn’t wait to get the second eye done, after all, the procedure only took 15 minutes and in the morning of the third day, I could read the smallest print. , I could read the calendar dates from across the room. It is a wonderful feeling to have no RX lenses. I want to thank Dr. Bowers and the Surgery Center for the freedom I feel.

Monica Shelton / Featured Patient

Monica Shelton says, “…the whole LASIK team was awesome!”

I have worn glasses and contacts for the past 16 years and never imagined that I could see without them. As an nurse, I use my vision for the safety and well being of my patients. I am also the mother to a very active and precious 17 month old boy. What would happen to my son if he needed me in the middle of the night and I couldn’t see without my glasses? So one day when my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas I said “LASIK!”. I went in for my free consultation and Debbie was great. She was so thorough and explained everything to me. When Dr. Bowers came in told me I was a perfect candidate for LASIK I wanted to jump for joy!

The next week I was set up for my LASIK procedure. Shannon taught me all the post-op care and told me what to expect. Her friendly and positive attitude just relaxed me entirely. The whole LASIK team was outstanding! Everyone told me what they were going to be doing to me and what to expect every step of the way. My experience with Piedmont Eye Center and Dr. Bowers and the whole LASIK team was awesome!

Adelia / RETIRED

Adelia received premium eye care.

I first met Dr. Vogel in 1996. My vision was so bad that I could no longer drive. I started my visits about once a week, always on Fridays because I lived and worked in Washington, D.C. Dr. Vogel worked with me until I was able to start back driving and do some of the other things that I didn’t do because of my sight.

God led me to Dr. Vogel. He is absolutely the most wonderful doctor in the world. Not only is he a great doctor, he is a great ‘people person’. You always feel safe with him. My entire experience at Piedmont Eye Center has been one I won’t ever forget. I will never forget Sally (a tech in 1996). She had a way to calm me down when I would think the worst about my bad situation.

Penny Abbot in front of a home
Penny Abbott / Financial Consultant

Penny’s LASIK surgery recommendation explains “… an easy process”.

Before my (LASIK) surgery, I was unable to go without glasses or contacts because I saw nothing but a blur. I had a lot of eye irritation due to wearing contacts too long before taking them out. At dark, it was really hard to see, even with glasses or contacts. The evaluation process was quick and easy.

After my surgery, it was like night and day. I could see clearly immediately. The doctor, not his staff, even called me the afternoon of my surgery to check on me!
By the second day, I had no irritation and I have been seeing clearly ever since! Over the next 3 months my sight seemed to not only clear, but the night shadows also cleared up. From the great staff who helped me, to the simplicity of setting up my flexible spending account, to my complete satisfaction and enjoyment of having clear sight, this has been an easy process.


Sallie switched LASIK doctors for a better experience.

My decision to get LASIK surgery was an easy one to make. I have been wearing some form of corrective lenses since I was seven years old. During high school, I began to wear contact lenses, but after fifteen plus years, I was no longer able to wear them. Without corrective lenses, I was unable to fulfill my day-to-day responsibilities.

While my decision to have LASIK was easy, where I would have the surgery was a much more laborious decision. In fact, before coming to Piedmont Eye Center, I already had received a consultation and scheduled a surgery date with another local LASIK specialist. After serious thought and consideration, and by recommendation of my father-in-law who had cataract surgery in both eyes at Piedmont, I decided to cancel my scheduled procedure and seek consultation with Dr. Bowers.

I could not be happier with my decision. Dr. Bowers and his staff were very thorough. In fact, they diagnosed me with dry eye and rescheduled my consultation to make sure that I was a candidate for the iLASIK™ procedure. After my second consultation, my surgery was scheduled. I was a bit nervous on the procedure day, but the staff at Piedmont eased my nerves and the procedure was swift and smooth. I felt that I was well-educated on my pre and post-operative instructions.

The morning following my iLASIK™ procedure, I woke up and was able to see the clock on my bedside table and my children’s sweet faces without fumbling for my glasses. I could not be happier with the results of my procedure and with the care I received at Piedmont. Thank you Dr. Bowers and the staff of Piedmont Eye Center for restoring my ability to see without glasses or contacts!

Sue Earsing and lasik eye surgery

I never imagined I would volunteer to have eye surgery, even if it meant perfect vision. However, I began meeting people who had the LASIK procedure and saw what a positive experience it was for them. At the same time, a friend working at Piedmont Eye Center began educating me and eliminating all of my fears and concerns. After discussing it with her I felt very secure in making my decision to have LASIK eye surgery to correct not only my near-sightedness, but also my astigmatism.

The most remarkable moment after having the surgery was looking up into the evening sky and actually seeing the stars twinkle. I have always seen the world through glasses or contacts, so the sharpness of vision I have now was never there before. It was as if I lived looking through a window all of my life and finally I have stepped outside to see the world as never before.


Tim started riding his dirt bike when he was just eight years old. Three years later, he was racing competitively on fast and unforgiving courses with the best in the sport. It didn’t take long for Tim, who was tired of the nuisance of his contacts, to look into LASIK. Dr. Bowers’ reputation made the choice easy for Tim to make the drive from Rocky Mount to Lynchburg.

“Dr. Bowers not only met my expectations, he surpassed them. I had no idea that vision like this was possible. I no longer struggle in the shadows of a course- everything is clearer.”

Troy Doss

For the past twenty years I have worn contacts and glasses.I am no longer consumed with the conditions outside, my activities for the day, and the need to be prepared for contacts or glasses.

The difference between good and great are the little things. Piedmont Eye Center takes care of the little things to make LASIK a comfortable process. Thanks to Dr. Bowers and the team it’s the little things in life that I can now enjoy without worrying about whether or not I will be able to see. Although, I will admit that I occasionally wake up in the morning and reach over to grab my glasses. Only then do I open my eyes to see EVERYTHING.